Personal Knowledge Vs Shared Knowledge Essay

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The fundamental difference between personal knowledge and shared knowledge is the want for most people to accept different situations. Personal knowledge is knowledge that is a result of opinion, while shared knowledge is knowledge that is acknowledged and understood by many individuals. The difference between personal knowledge and shared knowledge is usually acknowledged by the contrast between what “I know” and what “we know”. Personal knowledge is essentially what originates from a person’s experiences, ideas and opinions. It is mostly subjective meaning, not everyone would accept one’s personal knowledge as we all have our individual personal knowledge. Shared knowledge is the knowledge and facts, which are created by a group of people…show more content…
It 's a significant aspect that can take the form of apparent social pressure or faint insensible influence. As much as everyone would like to think of them selves as “unique”, the fact is that we 're decisive to fit in. Researchers have found that people conform for a number of various different reasons. In many cases, it is done by simply observing other individuals and gaining ideas on how to behave. Other people might have greater knowledge or experience than we do, so following them can actually be informative. In other cases, we conform to the want of the group in order to bypass the idea of looking “different”. Habits like thee can become particularly strong in situations where we aren 't quite sure how to act or where the expectations are imprecise. For example, in a real life situation, which student’s experience, everyday is school. Most of the students don’t realize but they conform without even thinking about it. At lunch time students sit at the same table every time, and in class it is always the same desks. Their life is also very similar every day, and they never try to change it as it became comfortable and a routine for
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