Essay On The Difference Between Prison And Jail

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Let me begin by addressing the difference between jail and prison. Prison is used for longer than a year, while jail is temporary. In jail you have people being release in an hour, month or waiting to know. You also have people waiting to be prison. Jail is the mind ground between outside world and prison. When an individual is placed in jail they have be aware of their surroundings and understand that their may be tension and violence. This may occur for many reasons such as, overcrowding, special problem and mistreatment. It is so important to remember environments set up the outcome of a lot of things. Overcrowding causes violence after the anger it causes. It’s a lack of resources that makes inmates feel like their is not enough for everyone so, this may cause fights between inmates. Overcrowding also just causes anxiety and stress. Imagine being in a place where you …show more content…

This is another reason I believe violence would a occur. Inmates are not treated with respect and like how normal individuals are. They makes them act differently towards others during their incarceration. They have a fraud up because they are well aware of the lack of respect. There is human instinct to protect thyself and that comes out in this situation. For second imagine being in location where you feel uncomfortable because of others. You feel less of. In this case normally you would be tense and ready to jump in case of a sign of aggression. Another cause of tension is special problem detainees. One of the problems they face is withdrawal from substance abuse. Many drugs form a dependence within the person that when they go without they hurt mentally and physically. This may cause lashing out and violence towards others because their mind is not clear. Drugs alter a person’s mental state making them react to situations in ways normally they would not. For example, paranoia is one of the symptoms when withdrawing from harder drugs like

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