Differences Between Race, Gender And Globalization

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There are many instances of people fighting for equality in history books. A well-known example of this plight is slavery, being that it took centuries for African-Americans to achieve freedom and eventually, the right to vote. Another example is women’s suffrage; women are now able to vote and are becoming progressively more equal to men. The most obvious difference between these two is one had to do with race and the other, gender. Sadly, these are not the only factors that lead to challenges in today’s society. Religion and globalization provide opportunities for discrimination as well. Gender is something people are born with, race is based on parentage, and globalization is constantly occurring despite other factors, but these three are incomparable to religion because the nature of religion is inherently different and this makes it a more difficult obstacle to overcome in many aspects, including the formation of government. Race, gender and globalization are three are things people do not necessarily have a choice to decide. Having and believing in a religion is a choice. Being American, being a female, and being white are things I have been forced to overcome since birth, my family accepts me as I am and so do many others. However, seeing the religious decisions I have made sometimes change people’s opinion of me. In general, religion tends to make people nervous. To support the idea of nervousness concerning religion is a quote from Michael W. McConnell in Believers
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