Differences Between Rasheed And Fady

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The differences between friends probably can be small, almost invisible, but they also can be huge. Ragheed and Fady are good friends of mine even though they have differences and similarities between them. Their similarities are that both of them were born in the same country and city, they both like to play soccer, and eat Middle Eastern food. But Rageed is the type of person who is more likely to stand out in a crowd because he says unintentionally funny things that does not make sense. Fady is more serious like for an instance he comes in specific time and leaves in specific time when hanging out if he has test or homework. Even though that Ragheed and Fady are from similar backgrounds, Ragheed stand out more in a crowd. But he and Fady has many similarities such as, being born in the same country and city; both of them were born in Baghdad the capital of…show more content…
For an instance Ragheed once told Fady and me that our names were mentioned on the list for the worker who spouse to work on Saturday and said adding that he notified the assistant boss on the day that we are present in. After we got To the place of our meeting, which was near a Tim Horton which was 10 minutes walk from my apartment. Then when I got there with Fady we were informed that our names were not on the list and only Ragheed’s name was mentioned between the workers who were present that day. After I realized that this was just a joke, I turned my back and saw Ragheed laughing. I was not bothered because often we joke heavily plus Fady and I did not live far away from the location that we were in. Also other jokes he likes to do are when in class Ragheed throws little pieces from an eraser on my head when I am writing or sometimes kicks my chair when he sits behind me which sometimes ends in mass that the teacher does not
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