Differences Between Raymond Chandler And Walter Moseley And The Noir Fiction

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A novel is a tool employed by the author to explore and teach the reader about certain subjects. Differences between the intended topics of indirect discussion inform the tone, atmosphere, content, and characters of the novel. Thus, novels that discuss coming of age have very different settings and subjects that novels that want to discuss war and violence. Even within the same genre, the author’s chosen topics of discussion dictate differences between characters, style, and setting. Noir is one of the best genres to observe these shifts in because it is characterized by a certain style and character design so that any deviation from the norm is glaring. This essay will be discussing the difference in topic between two novels by two very different writers of Noir Fiction; Raymond Chandler and Walter Moseley, and how their versions of the Noir Detective differ with their intended messages. Raymond Chandler can be considered one of the pioneers of Noir Fiction. Philip Marlowe, his detective, is the archetypal protagonist of the genre. This essay will be dealing with his book The Long Goodbye. The book was published in 1953 and deals with that time period. The book’s main topics of discussion are the corruption of law enforcement and rich, the dangerous and jealous nature of love, and the impossibility of maintaining and enforcing justice in an unjust society and world. Walter Mosley, on the other hand, writes from the future about the past, as his novel Black Betty--the novel
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