Differences Between Religion And Religion

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RELIGION AND POLITICS In our society, there is a constant debate on whether politics should intervene with religion. Most countries have a law emphasizing the separation between the two entities but there are some countries that have a unified government and religion. A unified religion and politics encompasses government functions such as law-making, law-implementations, and public financing which includes taxes and subsidies. Consequently, it is appropriate to eliminate the union between religion and politics due to certain factors such as the diversity in religions, cruciality of law implementations, and the tendency for unequal treatment.

We are living in a world with a diversity of religions (Abbink,2014). If a government decided to merge with a certain religion, conflicts in the political arena would most likely arise since there are different religions in most countries. The government is capable of addressing this conflict through regionalising religions. Once, the government regionalises a religion, the citizens could freely act according to the norms of their religion as long as they are residing in a certain region. Although this could address the problem, the country is still leaning towards social disorder since there would be conflicting ideologies arising from the inconsistencies among religious teachings in the different regions. This could ultimately lead into wars similar with what occurred in Nigeria during 2010 wherein Muslims clashed with Christians
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