Differences Between Romeo And Juliet

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Fate - From the moment Romeo was heartbroken to the party, his sadness caused a chain of events that led to him meeting Juliet. It was fate because it was two different people from families that hated each other. They didn 't know each other and felt they shouldn 't have the need to know each other. Most of the fault was on fate because it had a lot of things going on like the note the Friar sent Romeo but didn 't reach Romeo in time, which made Romeo act reckless. Romeo - Romeo was also responsible for the deaths of himself and Juliet. He was responsible for the killing of Mercutio, because Mercutio and Tybalt were play fighting and Romeo tried to stop them and got in between them and in between, Tybalt fatally stabs Mercutio. Romeo could be responsible for his own banishment.…show more content…
Juliet - Juliet was very immature due to her being very disobedient to her parents and her keeping secrets from her parents. She didn 't want to take any time into getting to know Romeo before she got engaged to him. She got engaged to Paris at the time Romeo and her planned to get married. She is one of the people to blame for the deaths of her and Romeo, because she agreed to take a potion that made her seem like she was dead. Friar Laurence - The Friar was very irresponsible in marrying the two teens, instead of marrying them he should have told their the Capulets and the Montagues about Romeo and Juliet’s secret relationship. He gave Juliet the drug that made her seem dead. He should 've sent the note of Juliet pretending to be dead, sooner so Romeo could not be so reckless. The Nurse - The Nurse, maybe the most irresponsible person in the play, didn 't do anything she was supposed to do. She didn 't tell Lord and Lady Capulets about Juliet’s husband. She told Juliet that her ideas about Romeo were right, even though there families hated each other, and Romeo and Juliet barely knew each other. The Nurse also told Juliet to marry Paris even after Juliet was married
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