Differences Between Russian Revolution And American Revolutions

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A revolution, when the people forcibly overthrow the current government in favor of a new one, is a major turning point in a country’s history. Three of the major revolutions in history are the American Revolution, the French Revolution, and the Russian Revolution. In the American Revolution, the colonists fought the overreaching British government for their freedom to govern themselves. The French Revolution fought for the people to be free from the class oppression that hurt the lower class people. During the Russian Revolution, the peasants and working class people revolted against the government of Tsar Nicholas II. These revolutions all occurred for different reasons and contain different events, however, they do share many general themes between them. Each country had different characteristics of people. In America, there was no legal, social class structure due to the…show more content…
After the American Revolution, the amount of money brought to the country had declined due to the removal of the British from America, however, this left the American economy suffering due to the deep debt. The politics in America included more working class citizens in the political process in an effort to have their new government represent the people’s desires. The revolution also changed the social attitudes of Americans from slavery to women’s rights, from views on religious beliefs to voting. After the French Revolution, France increasingly became the land of peasants, growing into a more modern society. In Russia the banks were nationalized and a national assembly was assembled to run the economy; however, the economy was destabilized, which led to starvation and a lack of public order. The revolution lead to the end of an autocratic rule and the establishment of a socialist government. There was a large shift in focus onto education which largely impacted the population of
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