Differences Between Sailing And Yachting

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Whether it be for fun or for a lifestyle of competition, boating is an opportunity for one to further express themselves in a way that is sometimes seen as being the same. Sailing and yachting are more than just two styles of boating. To start off, sailing and yachting are both rooted around a boat and a crew, but these two play very different roles. Sailing involves a maximum effort by the crew. They operate the boat to reach the end location. Trimming the sails requires the effort of a crew to keep the sailboat pointed in the direction of optimal wind conditions. Tacking the wind to maximize the speed of the sailboat is a technical move that requires a strong effort from all involved. In sailing the mood of the vessel is more serious and dedicated to completing and task. Sailing requires the effort of those aboard to operate and continue on the journey. On the other hand, the crew of the yacht does not spend the majority of their time with all of the technical duties of keeping the boat going the right direction, rather entertaining its guests. The atmosphere of a yacht is much more relaxed and casual. Although there is a part of the crew dedicated to maintaining the boat, and its vitals along the journey they are more hidden from its guests. The more prominent crew members can be seen strolling the decks outside tending to the needs of the guests; refilling drinks by the pool or hot tub to pulling jet-skis from the garage and putting them in the water alongside the
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