Differences Between Science And Religion

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Colton DeBiase
Mr. Corso
Astronomy Period 6
December 19, 2017
Science and Religion Can Co Existing WIth Each Other
All throughout history, science and religion have somehow someway seem to cross paths with each other. They both have gone through changes which have either drove them apart or keep them close together. It is important to keep science and religion close together because they are both acts of free will. Science and Religion can be used for the good of mankind if the world was intelligible when we come to understand the importance of both of them. There are so many examples throughout history that can explain why science and religion can coexist and why it can work in the years to come.
What religious people and scientists don't
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In a survey of 275 faculty members from 21 different research universities in the United States, 15% believed Science and Religion were always in conflict, 15% said the two were never in conflict, and 70% said they are sometimes in conflict. The survey concluded that the scientist who believed Science and Religion were always in conflict is simply because they have a narrow view on Religion, the identity it with conservative strains of American Evangelical Christianity. The majority of people who said science and religion are never on conflict is because God created science and they both have completely different views of viewing reality. They also found in the study scientists who are very spiritual and religious are less likely to see religion and science as a conflict. This proves the two can co-exist because scientist view on the subject is adamtely explained to the point where hundred of scientists reach out to share their political views with the survey. The majority said they do have conflict with one another meaning there is proof they dont co exist at all and there is conflict with the two meaning they can coexist with each…show more content…
In fact, they both have been in evolution together for billions of years. Today, many religious demonstrators have accepted the biological evolution that has produced diversity for living things for billions of years. Scientist who have written eloquently about the history of the universe and life on this planet say there is no conflict between their faith and God. At the same time religious demonstrators have declined the thought that occurrence in evolution tend to believe from those who believe in strictly interpretations of religious texts. In a more simple way of putting it, they are both based off different aspects of human experience. Science explanations need to be based on evidence from examining the natural world. It is based on observations and experiments that are exinmed into further development or are abandoned completely for better experiments. Religion doesn't need to depend on the basis of evidence. Instead, it is involved on supernatural entities which cannot be explained by science. Science and Religion do not have conflict with one another because they express human understanding in their own different ways. There is no conflict because that would only create controversy in the church and in a science
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