Gender: The Battle Between Social Media And Gender

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Corey Lornitis
Kourtney Hake
Eng 101
6 February 2018
The Battle Between Social Media and Gender Imagine not having the ability to view every social media platform ever again. There would be far less public opinion, less controversial subjects scattered, and less groups of supporting parties putting forth their efforts to stand up for certain things. Sure, these examples would still occur, but the effect of social media allows these topics and acts to spread like wildfire. I believe if these platforms weren't available, or at least available to this simple of a degree, it would be much harder to keep these arguments ongoing, and thus the effect of some major issues, like gender, would eventually trickle out into oblivion. Gender would seem
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Someone who very much so took the mold of a role model for the accomplishments and accolades that were held. However, with the news coming out that Bruce became Caitlyn, there was nothing left to turn to except social media to figure out this breaking news. In Twitter terms, this was the trendiest topic to put your two cents into. And you better believe it, Facebook, Twitter, online news articles, all of these platforms were covering this story and providing every opinion imaginable. Obviously every single opinion about this particular case isn't going to be pretty. Social media is most definitely a factor that causes this. There are so many opinions, so many mind sets, and too many different thoughts to even begin to try and explain on this specific case of gender. But, because anyone and everyone has the diligent right to be able to voice themselves and what they believe in, social media platforms absolutely blew up. This added adversity could easily have been avoided if everyone in the world wasn't able to throw their two cents into this jar of controversy. Baron writes in his piece, "Facebook Multiplies Genders but Offers Users the Same Three Tired Pronouns", "Mess with gender words and Facebook might get a few emails from bible thumpers reminding them about Adam and Eve or from godless humanists complaining." (634). This is completely true, and it just goes to show how many different types of groups there are that can come together to attack one subject that is much too controversial to be talked about without firing up society in the wrong
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