Differences Between Society And Society In Fahrenheit 451

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The differences between our society and the society in the dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451 are numerous, but Bradbury said it quite well when he said, “'I don't talk things, sir, ’I talk the meaning of things. I sit here and know I'm alive'” (Bradbury 71). The society in the novel Fahrenheit 451 is different as their society has outright denied the human brains the books it craves to read. There are several other differences between our societies the road laws are drastically different, the fireman are polar opposites, and the war is different.

The road is different between our societies with our speed limits and their speed minimums. Our society has normal billboards at 20 feet, but the Fahrenheit 451 society has 200 feet billboards. In our society you will go to jail for 20-life in theirs, it is encouraged to hit pedestrians. In our society we have policeman monitoring the roads in theirs, there are none to be found. Which society in this situation looks like a dystopia to you?

In our societies the firemen perform very different task. In our society Firemen save house while in opposition Fahrenheit 451’s firemen burns the inside of houses. Our firefighters earn on an average of 45,000 while their firefighters make a 5,000 its no competition between our firefighters and theirs. Their technology is better in some places such as their ability to
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In our society we do not use nuclear warfare because of a realization that ended the cold war which is mutually assured destruction. In our society, it is impossible to lie about mobilization because of all the reporters that would expose it, but in their all controlling government they have state controlled media. In our nation, we do not usually mobilize as we have a strong standing military the Fahrenheit society mobilizes tens of millions of men against their will. Would you live in a society that forcefully made you fight for
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