Differences Between Southern Colonies And New England Colonies

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The southern colony and New England Colony had many differences. The New England colony was based more in manufacturing while the southern colony was about agriculture as far as their economy. One big difference is that New England colony didn’t believe in slavery like the southern colonies believed. Slaves and indentured servants were the backbone of the Southern economy. They did much of the labor work for the southern colonies cash crops. New England colonies had a hot/humid climate so they weren’t able to do any farming like the southern colonies. The New England colonies did not have slaves, this is a big difference between the two and many slaves form the southern colonies would try to escape to the New England colonies since slaving wasn’t allowed there. But the New…show more content…
The New England families tend to travel together, they had a strong sense of community and really would watch out for one another like family. Education was important to the New England colony as so was religion and they were required to study the bible. The Southern Colonies were founded as an economic venture to create wealth where as for the New England colony were mainly about religious reformers and separatists. They were looking for a new way to praise God, that’s not to say that religion wasn’t important to the southern colonies because it was they just had a different way of going about it than the New England colonies. The religion in the southern colonies was more diverse. Housing in the southern colonies depended in your social status. Wealthier families would live on plantations with stone and brick buildings, the slave usually lived on the plantations with their owners. New England colonies had a fair class system mainly made up of a wealthy merchant class. Men were the head of the households in the southern colonies while the women did much of the house work cooking, cleaning, quilting and raising the
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