Differences Between Spanish Colonists And Native Americans

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The colonists in the New World had an interesting relationship with their neighbors, the Native Americans. When the New World was first discovered, many people from different lands immigrated there to start a new life. Sadly, when they settled there, they were intruding on land that was already populated by the natives. This caused many conflicts between the colonists and their new neighbors, this may be due to the differences in culture and tradition. The most well-known colonist groups in the New World at the time, were the English and Spanish. The colonists that came from England started off as friends with the nearby natives, this friendship began when the Indian Chief requested peace with colonists. He asked for the them to put away their guns in order to establish a better relationship, and although the colonists believed the Native Americans to be ‘barbaric’, they accepted the offer of peace. The English colonists and Native Americans, now being allies, even began trade with each other. Unfortunately, soon after peace had been established, the new chief began protesting the peace with the colonists. He arranged…show more content…
The few similarities include: both the Spanish and English colonists having a negative opinion on the Indians (ex. Both called the Indians 'barbaric'), and both had an overall bad relationship with the Native Americans. One major difference is that the relations with the English colonists and the Native Americans went from good to bad, while the relations with the Spanish colonists and the Native Americans went from bad to better. Another difference is that the Spanish only treated the Native Americans kinder in order to spread Christianity and the English became allies with the Indians to avoid more
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