Digital Literacy: What Is The Importance Of Digital Literacy?

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Technology in general has advanced significantly in the last few decades, as does the need to be able to communicate and implement technology in everyday life. With that reality comes the need to learn technology across various media both at the personal and professional level. There are many ways a person learns, and research continues to find ways to improve the learning experience. One recent development sheds light on how we approach learning as individuals and indicates that our attitude towards our own abilities and learning, affects learning outcomes. A person who believes they cannot learn something is more likely to have difficulty or not learn at all. Conversely, an individual who possesses the attitude that they can learn or improve with…show more content…
The importance of digital literacy has increased tremendously as our lives have become technologically integrated. Access to technology is essential as it and provides a means to valuable resources such as opportunities, information, communication, and knowledge. This can also be found in today’s classrooms as computer supported learning is common in most learning environments and has shown to be a useful conduit for educational material (Ertl, Helling 2011). Therefore, digital literacy is considered a crucial skill and necessary for academic achievement. However, there continues to be a gendered divide in digital literacy with girls having lower confidence and more anxiety than their male classmates, which in turn, may contribute to lack of motivation towards technology related career interests with women (Ertl, Helling 2011). With primary educational institutions integrating technology without prejudice, what could account for the gender inequalities that exist in digital literacy? Could a growth mindset lend to a bridge in digital inequalities by helping young girls believe they can acquire digital

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