Differences Between The Articles Of Confederation And The Constitution

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The Articles of confederation and the Constitution of the United States have a lot in common. The Articles of Confederation could not control the nation and were replaced after 8 years by the Constitution. Although, the median age for other nations constitutions is less than 10 years old the Constitution of the United States is the strong centerpiece that has held our great nation together for over 200 years. (Karlan 1) In 1643, the colonies decided that they needed to have a plan to defend themselves against any potential threats. This was the first attempt to establish government within the American Colonies. It was not until just before the colonies declared independence in 1776, that Benjamin Franklin presented “The Articles of…show more content…
The Constitution was also established by a lot of the same people as the Articles. (Epps 229) Both the Articles and the Constitution can be changed through a long process. The Articles of Confederation took a little more commitment than the Constitution, considering that all 13 states needed to agree for an amendment to be made. The Constitutional amendment process may take longer but it has a better system with only 2/3 of congress to approve. The constitution allows for amendments to be made with more ease. Although they both have a legislative branch called Congress, the Constitution has a more elaborate legislative branch with the House of Representatives and the Senate. The Articles have a more basic Congress with only one core group that made all the decisions. According to the Articles one vote was given to each of the states, while the Constitution calls for each Representative and senator to have one vote. (Feinberg 77) With the Constitution, each state has two senators and the amount of representatives depends on the
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