Differences Between The Book And Movie Beowulf

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Have you ever heard of the story Beowulf? If not, then I will be telling you the different scenarios that occurred in the movie and the book. Beowulf is about a heroic fellow who saves a kingdom from a magical named Grendel. He went through numerous of battles between Grendel, Grendel’s mother and the Dragon. In this essay I will be discussing the different event that happened in the story and the movie. Beowulf went through so much to prove he was worthy enough to protect their kingdom and defeat Grendel. The story Beowulf was a great story to read and a great movie to watch; however, the battles were very eye catching and had a lot of extravagant and heroic doings of Beowulf. The first scenario that I’m going to discuss in the movie and story of Beowulf is The Battle with Grendel. In the movie Grendel attacked Beowulf in the Heriot while everyone was dancing and singing. In the book he attacked while everyone was drunk and passed out sleep. When Grendel attacked Beowulf was laying on the table naked. The soldiers tried to use weapons on Grendel; however, his skin was magically treated so no weapon could harm him. In the movie Beowulf stabbed him with a knife, but he soon realized he had special skin; however, Beowulf dropped the knife and fought Grendel with his hands. In the book Beowulf didn’t use any weapon on Grendel at all. As the soldiers screamed in terror Beowulf noticed that Grendel’s ears were sensitive to sound. Beowulf swung on Grendel’s back and started to

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