Differences Between The Devil's Arithmetic Book And Movie

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Have you ever read a book and expected the movie to be amazing, then when you finally see the movie it isn’t even like the book? Well that’s what I felt like when I read The Devil’s Arithmetic. Both, the book and the movie, had similarities and differences. The book begins with Hannah complaining about how she doesn’t want to go to the seder dinner with her and that she doesn’t want to remember any more. Her mother makes her go to the Jewish holiday anyway. When she is at the seder her family makes her open the door for Elijah, a Jewish tradition. When Hannah is opening the door she is teleported through time. She ends up in Poland in the 1930’s. Hannah does not know anyone there, but oddly everyone knows her. She apparently lives with her…show more content…
She Is about 16 to 18 years old. When she goes to the seder dinner and opens the door for Elijah, she is transported to the past. Hannah learns that Rivka is her cousin. They walk around town for a while and then go to Shumel’s wedding. Shumel gets married to his new wife. Then soldiers come and take them away in army trucks. Hannah stays at the camp for a while, then a lady gives birth to a child. In the next day or two a commander comes into the housing area and finds the child. The mother and child both get taken away to the gas chamber. When Hannah is out in the field working Rivka is going to change her name to “Eva” after a person in one of Hannah’s stories. Hannah then realizes that Rivka is her aunt in the future. A couple of days later Rivka is coughing while the soldiers are taking people away. Hannah saves Rivka by taking her spot to die. The guards take Hannah away instead of Rivka. Hannah gets taken to a gas chamber. When she is in the gas chamber she dies from the gas and wakes up in a bed in her aunt Eva’s house. The character 's are a lot alike. Hannah is a caring person in the movie and book. In the movie Hannah takes Rivka’s place to die in the gas chamber just so Rivka could live, and in the the book Hannah told stories, that she had heard before, to the people in the camp to calm them so that they weren’t as afraid. Rivka is alike in the book and movie because she is
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