Differences Between The French Revolution And Industrial Revolution

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The industrial and French This two revolutions were the same in that both allowed for social change the two make new ideas, inventions, and political ideas when they finished; both gave more rights to the people , and both make a change on Great Britain.
Before the French Revolution, France have a inequality of classes . The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Estates made up the classes. The 1st Estate was the clergy, or church. They were living a good life with all they want, and spending money like there were no people with hunger outside france . This class made up 1% of France 's population. The 2nd Estate was the nobility, the people of title. They made up 2% of France 's population. The 3rd Estate was the lower class who constituted 97% of the
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The differences between these revolutions are many, The French Revolution was better with the working class, while the Industrial Revolution the workers suffer a lot . The Fench Revolution was bad for the economy of the government in the decreasing of takes giving them less power to it , while the Industrial Revolution increase the production of goods, make a middle class that is the backbone of economy, give more power to britain . The French Revolution changed political powers by the dead of the kings , while the Industrial Revolution changed economic powers giving more opportunitys to people for having a stable economy if you own a factory . And, finally, the French Revolution made farmers rich because give more equality to the third class a farmers produce the food, while the Industrial Revolution made them poor because the machine make all the work for them .
The French Revolution gave the third class the rights they have figth for a long time like equality, voice, and fewer taxes. The Industrial Revolution was hard on the working class because it made the workers work with dangerous machines that were killing some workers . The houses they lived in were often dirty,a disaster ,with bad hygiene and with no bathrooms. The streets were full of human excrement and with horrible appearance It wasn 't the kind of place you want to
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