The Great Gatsby Movie Vs Book Essay

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In 1925, Scott Fitzgerald released a novel that made its mark in American literature; The Great Gatsby is a story that continues to be retold throughout high schools across the country. Not only did the classic change the way we think about the world, but its effects on writing have spread throughout television and even into two movies, one published in 1974, and the other released decades later in 2013. The modernized edition of the novel, directed by Baz Luhrmann features a sum of dialogue stripped directly from the novel. However, it offers a quite a few differences as well. The most noticeable alteration is the creative use of a psychologist’s office in the film. In addition to this, Luhrmann reworked the idea of Gatsby’s last thoughts, as well as heavily dramatizing Myrtle’s death, which fell somewhat flat in the book. In Fitzgerald’s story, the…show more content…
In the book, it occurs in the seventh chapter. The main characters are each driving in separate vehicles, with Gatsby and Daisy in one. Rather than giving a description of Myrtle being hit, Fitzgerald writes what occurred before the incident and then cuts to directly after, when the rest of the characters come across the accident and the police come to investigate. Despite that, in the movie, the death is greatly dramatized. A scene shows Daisy and Gatsby driving down the street, only for the other woman to run down the street. A slow-motion effect is used, and Myrtle is flown through the air. She’s drifting with the wind flowing through her hair and dress, theatrical music is played, shots of Daisy’s surprise are shown, and the windshield is cracked over many seconds. Near the end of that shot, the T.J. Eckleburg billboard is flashed, creating a chilling ending to the moment. Overall, it is clear that Luhrmann found this event being shown and described much more important than
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