Differences Between The Movie And The Great Gatsby

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In 1925, Scott Fitzgerald released a novel that made its mark in American literature; The Great Gatsby is a story that continues to be retold throughout high schools across the country. Not only did the classic change the way we think about the world, but its effects on writing have spread throughout television and even into two movies, one published in 1974, and the other released decades later in 2013. The modernized edition of the novel, directed by Baz Luhrmann features a sum of dialogue stripped directly from the novel. However, it offers a quite a few differences as well. The most noticeable alteration is the creative use of a psychologist’s office in the film. In addition to this, Luhrmann reworked the idea of Gatsby’s last thoughts, as well as heavily dramatizing Myrtle’s death, which fell somewhat flat in the book.…show more content…
Carraway reminisces about the summer of two years passed, speaking of what happened the year he moved into his New York residency. In the movie, however, Nick is shown in a therapist’s office. He shows clear signs of depression, and a potential case of alcoholism– despite the fact that he had only became intoxicated twice. Nick is cold, sweaty, and has incredible difficulty talking about the summer in which he made and lost his greatest friend Jay Gatsby. This idea of mental health issues and addiction in the movie gives the novel and even darker aura. It shows the deep toll weighed on Carraway following the love and loss of that summer in
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