Differences Between The North And South In The 1800s

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In the 1800s there was many differences and challenges between the North and South. Two different sections that relied on different needs and wants. It was hard to satisfy both sections of the Union. Ultimately it will lead to fighting and debating on what is important for the Union to be united and happy. Both sides need each other but each side had their own pride and outlook on the country as a whole. One can comprise multiple times before something extremely bad can happen. This time in history is probably the worse in this young nation’s story. The North was already an urban place to live in the 1800s. The North experienced all four seasons and had a colder climate. You did not have your typical plantation; instead you had many small…show more content…
This compromise also prohibited slavery in territories and new states above the 30° 30’ lines of latitude. Soon after Spanish-American war, the North and South were at a standstill yet again. But later in 1854 that would change with the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which now allowed residents of the states popular sovereignty, which means to vote weather or not the state would be slave or free and went away with the lines of latitude. The Free Soil Party appealed to the North because they wanted to limit the South’s power in federal government. The party wanted to ban slavery in the western territories, which obviously singling out the South since it was their way of life. This would make more free states than slave states so yet again they had to compromise to balance the power. They singed the Compromise of 1850, which admitted California as a free state, New Mexico and Utah would be territories, and the slave trade would be abolished in Washington DC. Also in that compromise you had the Fugitive Slave Act that allowed the government to determine the fate of an alleged fugitive without a jury trail or even testimony by the accused individual. You can see that all these deals and compromises just make matters worse. One of the most pivotal events during this time was the Dred Scott case. He was born a slave and his master moved to a free state and once his master died, he bought his freedom. He went to court and won but it went to federal court where they overruled the state court because he cannot be an American citizen. This showed the North that the South had too much power in the federal government with the reversal of the
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