Differences Between Tragedy And Greek Tragedy

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There are many important differences between Greek tragedy and Shakespearean tragedy. Before we disscuss about it, it is better to know the definition of tradegy first. Hopely, it may bring a brief understanding about the differences between Greek tragedy and Shakespearean tragedy. A tragedy is a genre of drama in literature that is mainly characterized by its sad and depressing ending. The play deals with a series of sorrowful events happen to or are caused by its hero or heroine. Tragedy is also characterized by the emotion it creates in the audience; a sentiment mixed with sorry and empathy. In terms of the plot of a tragedy, it is usually a series of serious actions that evoke feelings of fear and pity. The main character or the protagonist of a tragedy is called a tragic hero whereas the setting of a tragedy is usually a battlefield, a dark and mysterious palace, or any other disastrous place. After knowing the definition, here are the…show more content…
You have ambition (Macbeth), vengeance (Hamlet), impulsiveness (Romeo), paranoia (King Lear) and jealousy (Othello), for instance. 12 They both also make use of dramatic irony (i.e. we know that Oedipus has married his mother and that Juliet is still alive, but Oedipus and Romeo don't). Many times, the fatal flaw of the character will either result in his own death or the deaths of his family and loved ones. In some cases, the biggest punishment a main character can get is to still be alive at the end of the play and have to live with what he's done.. SUMMARY Basically, the similarities are that the characters start off doing quite well but end up not doing well at all, although in Greek Tragedy they are usually miserable and in Shakespearean they are usually dead. Any other similarities are just the similarities between all forms of drama: actors, audience, script. (3) eXAMPLE of Shakespeare's

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