Differences Between University And High School Life

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University and high school are very different in many aspects. Some people say high school is the best moment and others say University life is much better. Actually, it depends on people’s perspectives. That is why there are a lot of different opinions on university and high school life. In this essay, I would like to discuss some similarities and differences between university life and high school life. Despite all the controversies, I will focus on three aspects which is people, economic, and lifestyle.
First, I will talk about the people both in university and high school. In high school, many people are friendly and even the teachers are very friendly. You will have a lot of friends, and many unforgettable moments during the day. Maybe, being naughty in class, getting scolded by the teachers, make a joke, and it all seems beautiful and full of happiness. Differences can be felt once you enter university. You will realize that many people seems like doesn’t care for each other. You will also have less close friends, and mostly during the day you can’t have the moments you had in high school anymore. Teachers are also different here in high school and university. In high school, all of the teachers seem to care with the student’s life, while in university most of them don’t care anything at all.
Second, I will talk about economic aspects. University cost much more than high school life. The education fee is very expensive and life expenses are not included. If you are

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