Differences Between Yup Ik Culture And Aboriginal Culture

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There are billions of people in the world, split up into thousand of cultures, some entirely different while others only have a language that differs. However, lots are very unique, particularly the Yup'ik Alaska Native and Australian Aboriginal cultures. Both cultures have their own history, spiritual beliefs, and even small aspects like clothes, language, trade, etc. Even with drastically different environments, they are still surprisingly both hunter-gatherer societies. The most noticeable difference between Yup'ik culture and Aboriginal culture, is the clothes that they wear. Yup'ik culture originated in western, southwestern, and southcentral Alaska, and even the Russian Far East, all of these having extremely cold weather conditions. By using animal skins, such as seal skin and caribou skin, the Yup'ik people created footwear (boots), gloves, pants, and mainly parkas. These were held together by animal bone, and odd things like crane feet and thread made from parts of animals. This clothing was a vital aspect of survival for them,…show more content…
The Yup'ik culture is believed to have formed in eastern Siberia about ten-thousand years ago, then about three-thousand years ago they began to settle along the coast of Alaska. Around 1400 A.D., they migrated up the coastal rivers, settling by the Yukon and Kuskokwim rivers. This is completely different than the Aboriginal origins, being on the opposite side of the world with different climates and conditions. Aboriginal culture is much older than Yup'ik culture. Thought to have originated thirty-thousand to forty five-thousand years ago, it is even possible that it began up to sixty-thousand years ago! Aboriginal culture is thought to be the earliest migration from Africa, not having any Asian or Polynesian ancestors. A land bridge formed, leading to New Guinea, similar to the land bridge across the Bering Sea by

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