Disadvantages Of Co2

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(a) List three independent lines of evidence from the IPCC Synthesis report (2013) that indicate that the climate is warming. (1.5 marks)
1) Calculations of regional trend from 1901-2012 indicated the entire globe had felt the surface warming.
2) According to linear trend, globally from 1880-2012 the surface temperature of both ocean and land averaged both at 0.85°C
3) Since 1950s the climate has warmed as there is a clear changes to the amount of snow and ice that have melted and sea level had risen. In the last 1400 years, the Northern Hemisphere was the warmest period. (b) Why is 350 ppm of CO2 important to the leading climate change scientists? (2 marks) The number 350 ppm of CO2 is an important level of carbon dioxide concentration
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ii) Canada: 15% of the electricity comes from nuclear power.

c. What are two advantages and two disadvantages of nuclear power? (2 marks) Advantage: The first advantages of nuclear power is that the nuclear power contribute insignificantly to global warming, since only low emission of carbon dioxide is being contributed. This will alleviate the effects of climate change. The second advantage is that nuclear energy decreases the amount of energy created from fossil fuel, resulting in lower greenhouse gas emission. Disadvantage: The first disadvantage of nuclear power is when discarding nuclear waste, it is expensive and radioactive. Improper disposing of nuclear waste will leave a major environment effect. The second disadvantage is a sudden case of nuclear accident can distribute radiation generated particle, which can harm cells within the body. This can cause death to humans.

d. What is Canada’s strategy in dealing with nuclear waste? (1
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Another consequence is that it will result in reduced oxygen, and this will kill fishes; and this will impact the whole marine ecosystem.

b) What are some measures that have been taken to reduce the input of nutrients into water bodies? (1.5 marks) A measure that was taken to reduce the input of nutrient is by decreasing the use of fertilizers and setting a barrier to block off water flow. This will reduce the amount of nutrients entering the body of water, also decrease the soil loss. Another measure that was taken was planting trees around body of water to prevent the input of nutrients and residues. Important for farmers to not spread manure on land with high chance of runoffs.

c) In light of the previous questions, what recommendations could you give to Toronto and Torontonians to mitigate our impact on Lake Ontario’s water quality? (1.5 marks)
It is important Torontonians don’t put anything other than water down storm drains. Instead use alternative method to remove lawn fertilizers, motor oil and other contaminants. Also, pet waste can enter storm drains, if not disposed properly or left on the road. Also, practice the three R’s: Recycle, Reduce,

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