Differences, Distinguish Between Growth And Development?

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1) Distinguish between growth and development. The term growth and development are very often used interchangeably but it is worth while to keep in mind the distinction which is made between them or at least to understand why they are so often used together. The term growth implies an increase in size. When a body or any of its parts is described as having growth it usually means that it has become large and heavier. It is thus that we speak of growth of arms, brain, muscles or the body in general. Growth means increase or addition in size, height, length or weight and can be measured. Development means change that improves working or functioning. Development implies certain qualitative changes or changes in character leading to maturity of improvement in functioning. Arms grow large but also they develop by undergoing certain changes which equip them for better work. Sr.No. Growth Development 1 Physical aspects of the organism Overall changes and progressive changes of the organism 2 Cellular organizational 3 Chage in shape, structure, form,size of the body. Structural change and functional progress of the body. 4 Growth stops at maturation Development still death of the organism 5 Growth may lead to development Development reinforces growth 6 Growth is quanitative Development is Qualitative 7 It can be measured accurately It is a subjective to interpretations of change. 2) Economic Development. Economic development is not purely

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