Differences In Advertising

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Background and definition of the topic
Nowadays the economic situation and cultural background of Russian and European populations differ, however, advertisers need to explore the implementation of adaptation strategies on certain marketing mixes (Wang et al., 2014).
The specificity of mass-communication processes is most clearly reflected by advertising as a type of of communication, which is based on the strongest signals addressed to the communication partner. It is the most image-saturated type of mass-communication and most important biased one in the form of artistic communication, which reflects changes in the social, value, emotional and aesthetic aspects of society (Danilova, Matveeva, 2000).
To assist corporate decision making on
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al (2014). The authors of this article offer great approach and methodology to investigate cross-cultural differences in perception of advertising, which is chosen as the basic and will be described further.
To sum it up, a lot of data on the issue is provided, but the topic or Russia and Europe is not considered. Therefore, in the present study more significant data will be collected and investigated.
The present work is aimed to determine the differences in responding to advertising (concerning values, nonverbal signs and so on) between Russian, Austrian and Italian students. It will include communicative messages made in the genre of television advertising and belonging to a common cultural traditions: Italian, Austrian and Russian. This issue will be considered on the example of Russian, Austrian and Italian students, as the most available and approachable groups. The present investigation will attempt to confirm or deny the hypothesis that Russian and European students have significant differences in perception of
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Which are the main differences in responding to advertising between Russians and Europeans?
What values are important for each country?
Which non-verbal signs are typical for each country?
What criteria are most important for choosing commercials for research?
How the results of the study can be useful in the future?
How the creators of advertising should be sensitive to cultural differences?
To which extent my personal experience in the sphere is useful?
What is the personal input that I can make concerning this topic?

Reasons for choosing the topic and results anticipated
Nowadays all spheres intersect and overlap each other, marketing and culture awareness are not an exception. As a result of the powerful development of the mass media there is the process of creating a unified information space. It affects both the national mentality of the people in general and worldview of the individual subjects in particular, thanks to the wide availability of information products from other cultures. That is why the sphere of marketing and process of adaptation of different products to different market are highly interesting, it affects all of us, we can see it every day. Hence, it is possible to apply knowledge about different nations directly to
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