Differences In American Culture

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“All people are the same. It is only their habits that are different” (Confucius, Chinese philosopher). Distinct groups of people share dissimilarities over their cultures. These differences are present in every aspect of their life, shaping their opinions from time to time, and cannot be changed because the thoughts and opinions stay deeply in one’s subconscious. Sometimes, those dissimilarities in cultures and behaviors can lead to intercultural conflicts and misunderstanding between people, based on the fact that others act differently than what people have been taught since they were young. The United States throughout decades, it has been known for being a strong and stable economies country and their formidable technical ways of working,…show more content…
Any country in the world, they all have core values that they always appreciate. America’s highly regards toward individualism. The results are reflected throughout their history of achievements, throughout the way the act, the way the think of the level that we can see through the way the pass down these values for future generations. In America, kids from early ages were taught to have their own financial account, and know how to spend money wisely. Values of a nation is not only what distinct them from others, but to be an influence toward their behaviors. Americans always want to express their individuality by competing with others; they want to define themselves among many other Americans. Moreover, individualism within the America’s core values can be seen throughout the way American keeps their privacy. American likes to create quality time for themselves and think less about having to be with another person. Especially, Americans find it irritating when someone, maybe from another culture and don’t really understand their privacy, trying to cross a certain boundary. We can see by the way most of the American home is built with fences and lawns; they are there to let other know that they are not supposed to cross these lines. Besides those important values stated above, equality is another core value that appreciated by Americans but oppositely to other…show more content…
American personally space between people can be described as an arm’ length space between themselves and their conversation partner. American tend to required more personal space than in other culture, and often back up whenever a person approaching he or she too close. According to Natalie Wolcholver’s article “Why do we have Personal Space?” She eventually shows a diagram that represents the personal space limit of Americans. Personal space becomes very serious to Americans, that a psychologist isn’t hesitated showing his people the way to avoid close space between people. According to Robert Sommer, he suggests “we [Americans] do it by temporarily dehumanizing those around us, avoiding eye contact and pretending they're inanimate until the moment comes when we spot an escape route. After all, it's not uncomfortable to stand inches from a wall” (Wolchover). Meanwhile, different group from different culture will misunderstand that behavior of Americans as unfriendly and cold; since the majority people of other cultures believe intimating personal space can create easily amiable relationship with their conservation partner, and also be apply to anyone with any circumstances. Brazilian people in other hand are very engaged to one another, they interacting and personal space is barely seen or exists in
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