Differences In Chaim Potok's The Chosen

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The challenge finding almost perfect friends is strenuous and difficult. Every person has their own likes and dislikes. In Chaim Potok’s heart-wrenching book, The Chosen, two completely different boys and one father named Danny Saunders, Reuven Malter, and David Malter. Each person has extremely different experiences in their life with the hobbies they play, the religion they study, and their views of certain religions. Just because one person has different religious views does not mean they can not good friends. In their own unique ways, all three men show the importance of a strong friendship.

Danny Saunders portrays a young man waiting to leave for college and do as he pleases. His father, Reb Saunders, loves Danny very much, but he never shows his affection for Danny openly. As a young teenager, Danny starts to assume his father does not talk to him because he is too busy. Progressing into the book, Danny meets a young teen around his age named Reuven Malter. Growing older Danny starts to crave attention from Reuven, but Danny does not realize he reaches out for the wise advice of his great friend more than the friendship. Once Danny speaks to his father, “He [Reb Saunders] did not
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His wife passed away shortly after giving birth to her son, Reuven. Mr. Matler takes on the role of raising his son as best as he can, and forms a bond with Reuven, which continually grows stronger. Reuven despises Danny for crushing his eye, which landed him into the hospital. Danny comes with his apologies, but he only receives bitterly muttered spiteful words in return. Mr. Malter despises the words his son chooses to reply with towards Danny’s apology. Mr. Malter chastises Reuven sternly, stating, “How can you say something like that if you are not sure? That is a terrible thing to say”(49). Later in the novel, Reuven realizes David, Danny, or himself would have never become so close if it had not been for his father's wise
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