Men Are From Mars And Women Analysis

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Men are from mars and women are from Venus,(John Gray, Ph.D) is a fictional writing published by Harper Collins. This book is mainly focused for married couples facing different problems in their lives leading to divorce.
Men are from Mars and women are from Venus this book talk about how men and women are different from each other and in order survive a marriage we need to understand our spouse to make a successful marriage. Men and women are different in many ways physically and emotionally it will be difficult to compare these differences. Women are emotional and they crave for empathy and loves sharing their problems with others men on the other hand tends to isolate and prefer to depend on themselves rather than getting help from others. Giving unwanted advice to men Men may result in a chaos as Martians likes to find a solution for their own
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Similarly in women not receiving love or not showing love towards them may cause unwanted problems in the relationship. Also in this book the author talks about how men gets overwhelmed during their time in the cave. Giving and receiving love plays an important role in a relationship also when we show this to kids it motivates them to give and receive love. Feeling for each other should be taken more seriously. Also communication in a relationship is important however we sometimes misjudge what our partner is trying to say as a result misunderstanding arise and consequences are not good so when we talk we should always focus on the meaning behind. When talking with Martians its always effective to give the outcome in advance which enables them to digest the problem easily. In a relationships, men tries to go back and then get close where as women has ups and downs.
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