Differences In S. E. Hinton's Novel 'The Outsiders'

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In S.E Hinton’s novel, The Outsiders, Darry discloses that although he seems stern he cares and wishes to protect his family. When Ponyboy returns home past his curfew Darry is furious, but also extremely concerned, so he questions Pony by saying ‘“I reckon it never occurred to you your brothers might be worrying their heads off … Can’t you use your head?”’() As before Darry had learned Ponyboy and Johnny had been sleeping in an empty lot while it was cold outside and responded by saying “”You haven’t even got a coat on.’”() Darry reacted in a manner that seemed like he was uncaring and mean, but Ponyboy had scared him by risking getting injured or ill. Darry had been forced to grow up faster to take the place as caretaker of his brothers
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