Differences In Service Production Strategy

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Question 1
Following the 'differences ' approach of Bowen and Ford (2002), define and explain the two differences in service production strategy. (Max 150 words)

The 2 main differences in the service production strategy by Bowen and Ford are managing service product quality and managing of capacity and demand
By the service companies it is difficult to manage the service product quality efficiently. Some control processes have been developed like the SERQUAL which involves the customer’s perceptions on service. The service firms can receive feedback from the customers through customer contact employees with whom the customers can share their experiences and help the company to recognize and fix the failures in real time.
In the
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Define the two service outcomes that the author investigated in her study. Report on the support that was found for the hypothesized relationships between employee acting and the service outcomes. (Max 200 words)

Grandey defined two types of employee acting which influence the service delivery, the deep-acting and the surface acting. According to her study the deep acting results the affective delivery with probably more satisfied customers than the surface acting because the quality of the service delivery is more natural. She shows that there is a connection between employee and customer satisfaction. The employees believe in the service which they are offering, they are satisfied with it and with their jobs, therefore they are capable for deep acting, which leads to high quality- affective service delivery.
On the other hand the surface acting which appears when the employees are not satisfied with their job environment is more tiring, more stressful for the employees themselves. This stress can lead to emotional exhaustion which worsens the quality of the service delivery. Hence the employees going to break their character and that can result dissatisfied
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The OCBs belong to the employee behaviours which create along with the service task performance the service performance. The service performance has positive relationship with the customer satisfaction which means the higher service performance results higher customer satisfaction. The service climate has a positive correlation with the service performance included the OCBs. That means if the employees are satisfied with the culture of the company, the HR management practices and leadership they would rather give higher quality service performance included the obligatory tasks and voluntary

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