Differences In Sexual Orientation In Schools

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Culture experience assignment
About differences in sexual orientation in schools All schools around the world have something in common and that is school is a place for learning. Whether the school be public or private, learning is the number one goal. A main question you could ask any school system is do they adjust to people who are not exactly like everyone else? An example would be someone from a different religion, someone from a different race and someone of a different sexual orientation. For this paper, I interview “Gavin” where I will be comparing the difference in our sexual orientation, he being the homosexual and I being the heterosexual. “Gavin” has been my best friend since preschool and it wasn’t until sophomore
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If you were homosexual then you never had it easy. People would pick on you and make fun of you. You would give up on coming to school you as well as give up on a sport that you loved. This was not fair to them and made them uncomfortable in a place where they should good about themselves and get an education. They shouldn’t have to worry about who was going to make fun of them for being who they are.
When comparing both “Gavin’s” and I’s education I think they were similar, but also very different. Both of us went to the same school, but got treated in two very different ways. Our school never talked about homosexuals because of the fear of making someone uncomfortable. There were no textbooks or anything else that talked about homosexuality. The teachers in our school would bring it up and when students brought it up, most of the time it was people putting homosexuals down.
“Gavin” experienced bullying because he was homosexual. I never experienced bullying because I am heterosexual. He felt that he had to get out of that school and quit the baseball team just so he could feel like himself and not have to come to school every day to get put down for who he is. I never had to deal with that. I fit into any group in my school and I never had to feel like I wasn’t myself in that
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