Differences In The Colonies Dbq Analysis

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“Differences In The Colonies” New England and the Chesapeake region are both colonies of England. By the 1700 the colonies began to evolve into separate societies. Before the changed the colonies were technically the same, maybe not in religion, nor beliefs. But they all traded with their respected country of origin England. As seen in Doc 9, when they reached the new world they the colonist came from the exact same background. What differences did these colonies have, was it trading goods? Or was it simply the practices that they had?

The groups of New England and Chesapeake bay had different values of life. Not all of them are the same, they believed in different survival skills in the new world. They had different needs, they had different
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It doesn't matter if you rich or poor, this was the key into making a perfect world. The puritans were surviving, comparing this to the pilgrims in Doc 6 Captain John Smith wrote the colonists were barely surviving in the Virginia colonies “Our ordinary food was but meal and water so that this little relieved our wants, whereby with the extremity of the bitter cold frost…more than half of us died”. Gold was a very huge factor into why these people came to the new world,but they could not find gold because the landed and settled on a swamp biome. The search for gold and becoming rich consumed these people, which turned this colony into a nightmare.

The differences also come in the supplies, they had different types of lands, crops, and water. In Doc 2 Virginia was a very deadly place, almost 28 percent of the population died each year because of dysentery and typhoid fever. The water source that the virginians had was a mix of saltwater and freshwater from the James River Estuary, times of the day they would be drinking saltwater and at other times they drink freshwater. Most people died because of the dehydration that the saltwater brought and that their kidneys shut down because they consumed too much
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