Response To 'Dulce Et Decorum Est'

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Comparing, people do it everyday, whether they notice it or not. That person you just walked past, a classmate, a friend, a sibling, you compare them to yourself or others. Having a sister is both a blessing and a curse, and i 'm sure she would say the same. Always being there for one another, getting in trouble together, and spending large amount of time together are all parts of being a sibling. It is difficult to not compare yourself to someone you know so well and spend so much time with, it is mostly harmless, but it can become harmful if you dwell on it for too long. Spending most of your life striving to be like someone else is tiering and useless, there is only one of every person on the earth, you can 't better yourself with the mindset…show more content…
The Poem “Dulce Et Decorum Est” describes the feeling of war and the reality of it. It shows the choices that the people who served had to make, to go to the war and be seen as “honorable”, or stay safe and unharmed at home, but be seen as a coward. A similar feeling is conveyed in my personal experiences, do I become the person that I want to be, or do I make the choice to please others. The line “Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori” translates to “It is sweet and fitting to die for one’s country,” it is used in the contexts of the poem that nothing is what it seems. War was depicted as all glory and honor; when in reality it was filled with horror and endless bloodshed. Simerly the way I feel torn between the choices of pleasing others and being myself. Oftentimes things can disguise themselves as something positive by the way people talk about it. War is not and never will be a positive thing. Same goes for weighing your worth on the comparison of others.
War, a word that is more often than not associated with an obscene amount of violence, tragedy, and death. However, if you think about it everyone goes through war each day, personal wars that rage on day and night with no hesitation or stop. When you think about it you realise that war is always all around us, we don 't need to be on a battlefield to see
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