Differences In The Stranger And Meursault In The Stranger By Albert Camus

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What should matter to me? If this question was asked in a survey, there would be many different possible answers because a person’s response to this question depends on their personal experiences, beliefs, and much more. Many would respond that family, friends, jobs, and happiness matters to them. However, if Meursault in The Stranger by Albert Camus, was asked this question his answer would be simple: nothing really matters. Meursault is an emotionally detached member of society and for this reason people see him as an outcast. Meursault goes through many events such as; a death of a loved one, marriage, and killing someone; that would have an impact on the typical member of society. However, these events have no effect on him. He continues on with his daily day-to-day routine as if nothing happened which reveals that nothing really matters to him. When a death of a parent occurs, many people would be distraught and troubled. However, due to Meursault’s different understanding of the world, the death of his mother has no effect on him. The hot sun beating down on him has more of an impact on him. The death of his mother confirms that nothing really matters to him because when things go wrong, Meursault does not ask why. When the death of a loved when happens, many people search for the answer to why this happened. Friends of his mother attend her funeral and they are more effected by this tragedy than him. Meursault says, “The woman kept on crying. It surprised me,

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