Differences In The Theogony And Clash Of The Titans

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Around the world, many various cultures and societies had numerous contrasting representations of Zeus throughout history. In the older times - when the Theogony was written - Zeus was generally considered to be a man of great power who didn’t give a great deal of consideration to other god’s or immortal’s feelings. He was ruthless, brutal and thought of himself more than others. whereas in the modern times, Zeus was typically seen as more of an emotional and peaceful god compared to the way Zeus was seen in the old times. Despite all these unique portrayals of Zeus, there are several key similarities that all depictions of Zeus share. These similarities include the fact that he was the leader and king of all the gods and men - he generally had a very high up position in the hierarchy of gods. There are multiple justifications as to why these differences/similarities came to be, these justifications will be further looked into as well as the reasons these…show more content…
That is, virile! In the Theogony, Zeus is said to have seduced and made children with countless woman. An example from Clash of the Titans is that, when King Acrisius of Argos dared to rebel against the Gods of Olympus, Zeus revenged himself and the Gods upon Acrisius by impersonating as Acrisius and impregnating Acrisius’ wife. What this suggests is that Zeus was a force of masculine creative power to authors of both the past and the present. Another case of this was when in the Theogony, it mentions that “he bound them in cruel bonds because he was jealous of their exceeding manhood and comeliness and great size”. One reason for these similarities could be the fact that Zeus is the God of the Sky, and that all of life essentially descends from the sky in the form of sunlight and rain. Even in other creation stories, the God representing the weather appeared to be the more powerful God, like in the Maori creation

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