Differences In Uglie's The Giver And Uglies

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Books in the same genre always have key similarities; that’s why they’re in the same genre. But, they also have their differences that make them make unique. This holds true for the books The Giver and Uglies. They both deal with the idea of a utopian society; perfection. There are several comparisons between The Giver and Uglies such as the rules they have, the adventures that the main characters have, the love story between the characters, and the main characters themselves. Jonas and Tally both live in a similar world, a perfect society. They have many rules to help achieve this perfection. In both stories, they can’t pick their own jobs. Instead, they have a “committee” to chose their jobs. They also have a curfew and everyone is separted. In Uglies, the children live with their parents until they are twelve and then live in Uglyville. Once they become pretty, they lived in New Pretty Town and then finally in Crumblyville. In The Giver, everyone is separtated into family units with only two children. There is also a control on the population. Couples in Uglies are encouraged to have one child every ten years and couples in The Giver have two children. Another rule they have is that everything went to sameness. There aren’t any differences between people; people get an operation in Uglies to be pretty and there aren’t any racial diferences in The Giver. Also, everyone is controlled and mindless. In addition, they have false information about the past; they were either
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