Differences In Vietnam And America Essay

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The Difference of me in Vietnam and United State America is a country with diverse ethnicities and cultures. As a teenager girl has to leave country and study in United State, it was very hard for me to adapt. With these differences, I am able to learn interesting new things from my friends and people I meet. As long as I live in America, I had change a lot of thing such as my lifestyle, eating habits, and independent level. First of all, my life is heavenly in Vietnam because I have my family in there. My father is a dictatorial person; so he likes to control everybody include me. My parents took care everything, and my duty was study hard and got good grades. Also, my life was very relaxing because I can choose my own schedule in school. For example, I can go to school from seven o’clock in the morning to study, eat lunch in there, and finish school at five o’clock in the evening; on the other hand, I can choose to take two to three hours break, come home to have lunch, take a nap…show more content…
For example, I often to eat at home when I lived in Vietnam because my mother does not feel safe to let her children eat out, and she is a master chef in my family. I usually eat traditional Vietnamese food such as rice and clay pot. It is easy for me to find some Vietnamese junk food on the stress, and everything is fresh. My house is near to the market so we go to shop for food in everyday because we like the taste of fresh food. In contrast, I have to make friend with fast food and noodle cup in United State. I have a lot of them at home in case I am lazy to cook. Usually, I have to cook and eat frozen or can food instead of fresh food like when I live in Vietnam. Now, I prefer to eat out more often because I do not need to cook and wash the dishes. It hard for me to find the real Vietnamese food or restaurants around my area so I have to eat many kind of food from Greek, American, Japanese, and Italian, Chines except
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