Differences Of Communication Between The Western And Western Communication

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REFLECTION Each country will not only have different culture, but also the economy, civilization, philosophy, religion ... A culture may be appropriate for this country, but it is not suitable for the others. For example, in western countries, it is normal when children show their opinion to their parents if they do not have the same thinking, but in eastern, it is seemed an uneducated action and the parents cannot accept it… Because of the cultural differences, the ultimate purpose of communication between the Western and the Eastern are not similar. According to Cheng and Starosta (2005), “Human communication is a holistic system by which people develop and maintain harmonious relationships in a continuous transforming process of mutual dependency. This model of communication, which is clearly embedded in Eastern thought, […] is essentially different from common Western approaches because it holds harmony as the end rather than the means of communication”. (Communicating with Vietnamese in intercultural context: insights into Vietnamese values, Prof. Pham Thi Hong Nhung, 2011). As we know, the Western people often have a high opinion of ego, personal ability, personality so their lifestyle is in favor of the independent living. However, people living in Eastern countries respect for self, human have to integrate into the community to create the harmony. Therefore, Eastern lifestyle is much more sentimental than Western one. The differences of lifestyle makes differences

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