Differences Of Different Tribes

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Athe people of the tribes hunt and grow as a community they are just like us, but just have different ways of living . Many cultures are different and survive differently, but can be similar in many different ways. Tribes carry on their traditions to learn and grow. The Inuit, Sioux, and the Haida are all tribes, but have some differences which make them independent in some occasions , but they always have something in common that helps both tribes survive.
These tribes have many differences, but do have some similarities like me and you. For example, they both live in Canada. The Inuits live in Northern Canada, Alaska, Greenland, and Siberia. That’s why their climate is so cold. When they arrived the “ good land” was already occupied by dangerous Indians so the moves to the colder area and
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The Sioux lived in places like Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. They have been there for at least 10,000 years! They are located in the West Coast of British Columbia. The Haida lives on Queen Charlotte 's Islands. They came over 10,000 years ago. Another similarity is their clothing. They all are made of a kind of fur or something from an animal. The Inuits clothing is things like an everyday dress, moccasins, and a warrior dress. The Sioux has things like jackets, parka, mittens, trousers, coat, suit. And finally the Haida’s clothing is similar to a cape, coat, root hat, head dress, and a shirt. A third similarity with the 3 tribes is their religion. They may have different meanings, but all have to do something with their culture. Inuits culture and beliefs are more about animism. They believed all living things had a spirit. The Sioux believed in the “ Great
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