Differences Of Lifestyles In The 1960's

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Some ways they are different is back then children weren’t exposed to new and advanced technology like children are now. Back then the kids weren’t able to get as much education as it is available now. In the 60s there were different ways of communicating than the way we communicate to one another today in the 2000s. The types of transportations are different now you can travel by plane, train, subway, boat, and car/taxi. But back then there weren 't any subways. One major difference is the laws are much different than they were 52 years ago.there were different types of lifestyles in 1965 than now. back then the U.S. poverty rate has gone down since 1965. The price of gas was $0.31 per gallon but now it costs $2.59 per gallon! the price
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