Bowling For Columbine Racism

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Nowadays society thinks that everyone is being equal by the way they treat each other. They think that racism is no longer around, and that people are getting better at it. Yes, Racism has improved, however, there are many different types of racism that are going on till this day. Also, there is a high amount of racism in the USA, that has been claimed to not exist anymore. There are many ways it is shown, however both ways are similar in each country.

People might say, that racism in the USA is over, however, African-Americans might think different. Yes, they do have the same rights and equal freedom, but you can still sense the difference between each skin coloured group. The documentary “Bowling for Columbine”, gives a great explanation
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A poor innocent African-American boy was shot to death, because his image brought him up to look like a robber, according to a white cop. The white cop did what anyone apparently is expected to do, and shoot what was somehow “threatening” him. Is the cop in jail? No, they let him go because it was meant to be an act of “self defence”. The fact that he murdered an innocent boy for completely no good reason, has been totally ignored. "Every 28 hours, Larry. Larry, every 28 hours. According to the MXGM study, a black person is killed by law enforcement, vigilantes or security ..." (Tampa Bay Times). Moreover, if a white man was killed rather then a black person, the whole case would have been looked at differently. For example, the 6 year old boy accidentally shooting a 6 year old girl in school. This was meant to be a mistake, but they focused on that more then the other shooting. African-American cases are often made big deals when wrong, and ignored when guilty. Overall, when you go to a black people neighbourhood, you could tell that the government is not looking at the places they are in. They are put in most poverty and broken down places, a good example of this would be Detroit. The image of Detroit is ruined, however, when you go see different parts of it, you can tell that it is not that bad of a place. It all about the image they are giving them, and the fact that they are driving them to be criminals. In conclusion, you might here that racism has ended, or that it is no longer there, but when you look deep under the table, you may see a whole different
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