Differences Of The Pilgrims And The Puritans

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The Pilgrims and the Puritans were very similar; they had similar ancestry, history and goals. They were English Protestants who believed the Church of England was in need of reform. Both groups play a significant role in American history. The Pilgrims started a holiday that is very well known today, Thanksgiving. Puritans are well known for conducting witch trials and burning people on suspicion of witchcraft or heresy like the incident in Salem. These two groups originated from the Anglican Church of England. A movement that took place after the English Reformation, known as the Puritanism, advocated strict religious disciplines, religious rituals, the belief of salvation, and Christ as the center of faith. Between the two, the Puritans were the original group who sought the return of a simple and virtual Christianity. The Pilgrims were Separatists who were once Puritans, but were discontent at reforms. Both looked to scriptures as final authority and encouraged education through reading, examining and interpreting the Bible. The Pilgrims were the first to seek religious freedom in the New World when they landed and settled in America in 1620. Their name cast upon them because of their long journey taken for religious purposes. They settled in Plymouth with their founder, Robert Browne, who thought them the practice of democracy. Their community was embraced by the working men. The Pilgrims believed that they should not have to compromise their refinement,
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