Differences: Similarities Between Memphis And Dallas

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Memphis vs Dallas
Even though four hundred and fifty miles separate Memphis and Dallas, there are as many differences as there are similarities. Both Memphis and Dallas have pluses and negatives to living in them. A couple important things that are thought about when moving to one of these cities are the traffic, recreational things to do, and the cost of living. All three play important roles and directly affect the lives of those who live there.
There are as many differences between Memphis and Dallas as there are similarities. The first that comes to mind would be the traffic. Although Memphians complain about the traffic, it really isn 't that bag compared to other cities. You may sit in traffic for a half an hour on your way to work, but your not going to sit anywhere for more than an hour unless the interstate is shut down due to a massive wreck. The drivers in Memphis have a tendency to be rude and reckless. Everyone is in a hurry so you can expect to be cut or flipped off from time to time. But due to the many highways and interstates around Memphis, the traffic isn 't too bad when compared to Dallas. Because Dallas offers so many complex road systems, it is easy to get quite lost in the city. The traffic is much worse than Memphis and is mainly due to the consistent road construction and reconstruction.
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All three aspects: traffic, pleasure activities, and cost of living will play a part of anyone moving to one of these cities. Even though both cities are large and still growing, Dallas is much richer and further ahead of Memphis in its development. Both cities have their ups and downs, but overall many of the aspects are the same at both places. Even though many of the aspects are the same for both, Dallas would be considered to be the more appealing place to live. If you find a place close to where you work in Dallas you really won’t have to worry about the traffic, and you will also bring in more dough than you would at the same job back in

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