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Since CPAs, are now in demand with tons of career offerings, the researchers asked their respondents on how they responded to these variations and demands. The following table would state their answers on this question: Table 3. The Responses of CPAs to the Different Career Opportunities Respondents Specific Answers Paraphrase 1. Ms. Arlene B. Teanila -“As I have mentioned above, I came to a point that I really want to enter auditing company. I chose my current field. I considered lots of points for this – age, current position and career path. I already founded my career in this field. Once I shift it will be another learning curve for me and a new working environment. At my age, it will be a great shift since I will go back as a staff…show more content…
Gloria B. Valdez -“My situation was not choosing from specialized accounting to career to another, but movement to totally different career outside accounting. Having been employed in a company for more than 16 years, I was able to experience handling different jobs in different departments such as purchasing, human resource, administrative, logistics and others. I chose to accept and handle the positions that the company management assigned to me. Well, I considered the changes in my career always as a challenge. I set to my mind that every change to my career would enrich me and make me a better person. It actually became an advantage for me because, having handled different positions/jobs in a company, I was able to gain complete knowledge and experience of the whole operation of such company. I just chose to accept the challenge. I believe it is the professional capability of a CPA to handle different kind of jobs within and outside accounting career box, and be a not just a mere employee of the company he is employed with, but be a very important asset of such company.” -CPAs respond to the variations of accounting careers by choosing which career is more challenging and by weighing the pros and cons of these careers. 5. Mr. Kit Angelo B. Izon -“Yes. I chose public practice .It’s a matter of what you really want in your life. What I did is that I weighed the pros and cons of the choices. I chose public practice over private practice because I really wanted to start as…show more content…
Most of them did not want to stick to one career for the rest of their accounting life. So they tried to diversify their experiences by shifting and shifting to other careers. Most of our respondents have also responded by weighing the pros and cons of their choices. These response can be affirmed on what Manuel (2012) stated which says accountants need critical thinking in order to be able to choose among the variations of accounting

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