Different Characteristics Of Emily Dickinson And Walt Whitman

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It is known that poets around the world have many characteristics that makes them unique, but what happens when these aspects break the walls of what it is consider as normal?
Some poets with special characteristics in his or her pieces of work are not well-known when they are alive, but when they are dead. That’s the case of Emily Dickinson, a really famous North American poet whose poems were released after her decease on May the 18th of 1886. In addition, her style of being very critical about what was around her and the way she expressed this through words, gave her the capability of transforming abstract ideas into rational explanations; which most of the time, and in purpose were interpretations of the reader. Dickinson’s style of writing was strict and with several rules to follow, this pattern was not shared by her colleague Walt Whitman, whose pieces of work were, at a first sight, disorganized and chaotic.
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Firstly, he had no rhyme within his poems but only rhythm; He also broke the rules of the verses per stanzas constitution, giving a sense of chaos when observing some of his work fragments. One big and relevant annexation to these two significant artists, is the usage of different rhetorical devices, which are meant to seek for diverse reactions on the perception of their poems by the readers.
Dickinson’s and Whitman’s styles are not similar, but their poetry is so strong that it can build the same feeling or sensation in the readers. Certainly, this sense emerge thanks to the way in which poems are constructed. Their poetry makes people feel the words even though it does not look it will do it (depending on the structure the poem is
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