Different Cinematic Portrayals Of Shakespeare's Macbeth '

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Different Cinematic Portrayals of Macbeth

Not only has Shakespeare’s, Macbeth, been told through page but also through the theater, opera, and the magic of Hollywood. Many writers have attempted to bring Shakespeare to audiences many a times with new settings set throughout time. There are a plethora of adaptations of Macbeth, some brilliantly made, others that weirdly work, and some that just should have never been allowed to have been made but there is no doubt that each one allows the viewer to dive into William Shakespeare 's original story.

One of the most unconventional versions of Macbeth would be the 2006 film, Macbeth, created by Geoffrey Wright. The movie was made for the Toronto Film Festival and won two awards for the Best Costume Design and Best Production Design. It can be best described as the sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll version of Macbeth. This film takes place in Melbourne, Australia with the characters having heavy Australian accents and Macbeth trying to fight to the top of Duncan’s street gang. Its filled with motorcycle stunts, nudity, and intense gunfights. Instead of the three witches being ethereal spirits who brew powerful potions, they are a trio of schoolgirls who enjoy flashing
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Created by Hy Cahl, this 1960’s movie tells a story about a teenager named Terry who moves to Brooklyn who attempts to rise to the top of a local female street gang. Terry takes over the defining characteristics of both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth but in a way that seems watered down. In the most basic terms, it is a trashy teen movie where no one in the movie even looks like they are a teenager and the Shakespeare writing is a silent background character. If someone did not tell you this was a cinematic adaptation of Macbeth, you would never be able to tell it
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