Different Differences: Freelance Job Vs. Saly Jobs

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Freelance jobs Vs. Salary jobs Having a job is essential to have a life. Everybody dreams to have a job that matches his or her passion. However, along the way, many people end up with something that they do not even like in order to get money. Only a few revolutionary people choose to work for themselves, follow their passion, and establish their own platform through freelance work. Salary jobs are the classical jobs where someone is employed by a certain organization whereas freelance jobs are self-employed jobs where someone is not committed to a particular employer for a long period. While both salary and freelance jobs need sufficient knowledge and somehow a strong background in certain fields, they vary in many other aspects. Work…show more content…
A freelancer is free to do whatever he or she likes as a job. Freelancers can work as designers, programmers, or even engineers under their own and only command. An undergraduate degree is not essential to start. The only important aspect is being good at the intended field to gain clients, as clients would expect a certain quality. Freelance work offers various and different opportunities; freelancers can get as many opportunities as they wish. They can work for multiple clients and multiple organizations if they have enough time. Getting one opportunity does not mean losing the other. However, salary jobs offer only opportunities that match a certain CV or educational degrees. People who study what they love would take this an advantage. If someone does not have an undergraduate degree these days, getting a salary job will be much more exhausting. Accepting a certain salary job with a certain employer will probably prevent the person from working with another one at the same time. Therefore, when someone finds two great opportunities he or she has to choose one and lose the…show more content…
A freelancer has no idea about how much his income would be at the end of the month, or if he will get any income at all. There is no fixed salary, the income depends solely on the number of clients he has. Also, freelance jobs offer no security, freelancers do not have benefits such as health insurance or retirement plans. They are on their own. They should plan all of this by themselves. A salary job, however, offers much more stability, as far as a person is an employer for a certain company, he will for sure get his salary at the end of the month. Moreover, benefits that come with a salary job offer a very good level of security for a person. Benefits for a salary job may include health insurance, retirement plans, and many other things. Some companies may offer benefits such as a membership with a certain gym or club. As far as the person is doing his job right, all of this will be planed for

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