The Butterfly Effect Essay: The Effects Of Emotions

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Emotion starts with the knowledge that all humans are social beings. Emotion is a broad term which describes a complex set of factors. I would say that emotions as we generally understand them are one of the hallmark traits of being human. However, emotions are thought of as states of being, and not necessarily personality traits (Darwin, Ekman and Prodger, 2001). The effects of emotions happen both intrapersonally (inside you, the individual) and interpersonally (between people). While other animals share many of the physical properties underlying our emotional experience, there is something deeply unique in that our mind plays a huge role both in how we experience emotion and what emotions we experience. Emotions occur in every relationship we cultivate. Emotions are primarily shown in the…show more content…
Imagination, cognition and personality” states that five key behaviours displayed by highly emotional intelligent people are, positive thinking, setting boundaries, knowing your strengths and weaknesses, not dwelling on past mistakes and being empathic (Salovey and Mayer, 2003). These are all areas I need to improve on. This week in class the movie ‘The Butterfly Effect’ was screened. It was in my opinion the best movie out of the four we watched thus far. The movie had a general message which is based off of the ‘butterfly effect’ which is a concept that states that small causes can have large effects. However, through my own interpretation I understood it to be you should think carefully before you act. Because it will directly or indirectly affect yourself and other in the long term. The smallest change can cause the biggest reaction. Leave things as they are and move on, do not dwell on past mistakes because everything happens for a reason. I also think the message this movie tried to convey are, sometimes you have to make a difficult decision that will be impossible to satisfy all the party or people affected by your
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